Join Our Team!

Energetics is seeking energy and sustainability professionals of various experience levels to join our staff.  Energetics does not have a physical office – we have always been a 100% work-from-home company (except for occasional in-person meetings), so this person needs to be organized, self-starting, self-advocating, able to work with a remote office environment, and desiring of the extreme flexibility that comes with this type of business model. Not everyone can work well under this condition, but those who enjoy it will thrive.

Current Openings:

We are seeking an additional Senior Project Manager for our Energy Team.  The ideal candidate should have 5-10+ years experience in energy modeling and consulting, and will hold key certifications such as BEMP and PE.  This individual will consult directly with teams while also managing the energy analysis process.
Energetics is seeking Building Energy Analysts of various experience levels to join our staff.  Duties and roles will vary by experience level.


Benefits of Working at Energetics

We strongly believe that you can have an exciting, fulfilling, lucrative career while also having a peaceful family life.  Our entire company was built around this principle, and we protect it fiercely.  To that end, we offer the following:

  • Work-at-home position with an incredibly flexible schedule
  • Part time opportunities
  • Any time spent commuting from your home office to job sites or meetings is paid time, both time & mileage
  • Competitive salary
  • Health plan benefits
  • Performance bonuses (twice a year)
  • 3 weeks vacation time, fully available immediately
  • 48 hours additional sick leave, fully available immediately
  • 401k plan with 4% company match
  • Profit sharing program
  • Paid study time for pursuing advanced certifications
  • Continuing education through conferences and training

Preference will be given to those who are already local to the Denver Metro area for the occasional in-person meeting and job site visits.  We require that you are legally authorized to work in the United States when you start.  Long-term immigration assistance is available for very-well-qualified candidates.

If you think we are a good fit for each other, please send resume and a letter of introduction to  Be sure to include your desired position in your email.