Sustainability & Green Certification

Any building can be a green building, whether it’s an office, apartment community, school, hospital, community building or any other type of structure with some or all these attributes:

Efficient building
Saving is green

  • Design by understanding and quantifying improvements in energy efficiency
  • Control heating load and total water use through indoor and outdoor water efficiency
  • Build smarter and control heating and cooling loss with materials efficiency

Passive building
Free is green

  • Design for solar and other renewable energy or prepare for future installation
  • Take advantage of natural light through Daylighting
  • Reflect, insulate and seal for thermal protection to control heat and cooling loss

Healthy building
Safe and productive is green

  • Healthy and comfortable indoor environmental air quality
  • Use of materials that are non-toxic, ethical, and sustainable
  • Space and circulation that promotes activity

Durable building
Long-lasting is green

  • Indoor and exterior moisture management
  • Facilitate waste reduction through re-use and recycling
  • Use of materials that embody reduced manufacturing carbon intensity

Whole-site building
Land-friendly is green

  • Stormwater management and surface water infiltration
  • Promote infill, community and reduce dependance on autos
  • Adaptive slope design, plantings, and reduced maintenance

How does it work?

Energetics enrolls your building project in a green building program that best suits your needs.

Energetics workshops design elements with ownership and project team to create energy and other strategies that comply with the green building program options and requirements along with helping balance budgets and taking advantage of the green attributes a project team is already bringing to the development.

Energetics works to ensure that drawings and construction documents communicate the specifics of the green building program design to builders and contractors for construction. Green financing and incentive programs rely on verifiable measures included in Energetics’ design assistance so that these measures get communicated and built as well.

Energetics holds pre-installation meetings with site staff and sub-contractors through-out construction to promote understanding of green building implementation. Energetics Raters and Verifiers conduct regular site visits to record and document the positive work taking place in construction. Energy code and green building programs require building performance testing. From whole-building envelope testing, dwelling unit or home compartmentalization, combustion zone, fan-flow, air handler unit performance, pressure balance testing, Energetics is there to test.

Energetics builds energy and program submission documentation packets to conform to green building or jurisdiction requirements and manages the submission and response process, overseeing the successful approval and sustainability program certification award.