* Energetics at Lightfair International 2015


Lighting and daylighting will play a huge part in the success of projects under the new version of LEED.  Don’t miss Elizabeth’s seminar on Energy Modeling and LEED v4: It’s Not Just About HVAC Anymore at Lightfair 2015 to find out how.


Session Description:

LEED Version 4 is here, and the changes to lighting and daylighting are significant, which means that capturing lighting energy savings in the biggest point category, EAc1, is more critical (and unfortunately more complex) than ever before.  How can you be sure that your energy modeler “gets” the efficiencies of your lighting and daylighting design?  This seminar led by an energy modeler will give you the insider’s view of what new rules the modeler must follow in LEED v4, how the lighting information you provide goes into an energy model, and how you can make the most out of it to best reward your project.


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