*New LEED energy requirements

As of April 8, 2016, new LEED 2009 projects must demonstrate an 18% improvement in the proposed building performance rating for new buildings, or a 14% improvement in the proposed building performance rating for major renovations to existing buildings. The previous requirements were 10% for new construction and 5% for major renovations.

That means a project must achieve a minimum of 4 points under EAc1.  Thus the old Option 2/3 paths are no longer permissible, meaning that energy modeling is now mandatory.

LEED 2009 (v3) will be phased out on October 31, 2016 to make way for LEED v4.

But here is the good news:  LEED projects that enroll in the Xcel EDA program may be eligible for free LEED energy modeling and documentation.  Contact Energetics to find out how.




*Energetics receives M/WBE certification

We are pleased to announce that Energetics is now certified with the City and County of Denver as:

  • M/WBE (Minority/Woman-owned Business Enterprise)
  • EBE (Emerging Business Enterprise)
  • DBE (Disadvantages Business Enterprise)
  • SBE (Small Business Enterprise)

We are also a certified SBE with the Regional Transportation District (RTD).

Contact us to find out how we can help you with your next project.

*2016 Denver Building Code Transition

With the adoption of the 2016 Denver Building Code, the city will be in a transition period until the new code’s effective date: September 12, 2016.  How will this affect your project?

Before 9/12/16, customers may apply for building permits under the 2011 code (2009 IECC) or the 2016 code (2015 IECC).

On 9/12/16 and after, customers must adhere to the 2016 code unless given prior approval.

If you expect to submit applications for building permits after 9/12/16 but you wish to proceed under the 2011 Denver Building Code, the owner or owner’s agent for your project must submit a letter no later than Friday, August 26, 2016.

More information on Denver’s website.

* Sustainable Multifamily Solutions: Increase Profits AND Meet Demands (yes, really!!)

National Association of Home Builders – International Builders’ Show – January 19-21, Las VegasPrint

Did you know that multifamily communities can be cutting edge AND sustainable without breaking the bank? Sustainability and high performance have moved to a new level beyond the basic recycling program and use of low flow toilets.  Technology and affordable devices allow efficiency to be tracked and benchmarked to showcase cost savings on maintenance systems as well as the overall building.  Savvy condo buyers and renters are demanding high performance features and amenities be included into multifamily communities.  Find out how to affordably fulfill those demands while meeting the needs of property owners and managers by including features, products, materials and using construction techniques to reduce maintenance cost, lower impact fees and reduce on-going utility costs.


Join Elizabeth Gillmor of Energetics along with Jared Carlson of Norris Design and Chris Grady of KEPHART Architecture at the NAHB International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas this January as we explore this topic in an interactive session.

Click here to read about our session.

Click here to register for the conference!

* Energetics at GO (Girls Only) Engineering Day

April 28, 2015 was GIRLS ONLY Engineering Day at the Northglenn STEM High School.  The goal of GO Engineering Day is to provide opportunities for our female students to learn about different fields in engineering, to meet and talk with professional engineers and engineering students, to learn about local engineering schools, and to participate in activities to develop skills involved in different engineering fields.  It was an amazing event that was run completely by women, for women.

Elizabeth led an interactive workshop in the school’s computer lab on Energy Modeling:  How We Help People Build More Energy Efficiency Buildings.  In less than an hour, the students had built their own energy model using eQuest software and were acting as energy consultants, analyzing a variety of energy efficiency measures for their project.


* New Energy Codes are Coming!

Denver is preparing to adopt the 2015 International Buildings Codes – are you ready?  What’s coming down the pipeline, and how will it affect your projects?  Contact Elizabeth to get Energetics’ presentation on the energy impacts of the 2015 IECC for both residential and commercial projects.

* Energetics at Lightfair International 2015


Lighting and daylighting will play a huge part in the success of projects under the new version of LEED.  Don’t miss Elizabeth’s seminar on Energy Modeling and LEED v4: It’s Not Just About HVAC Anymore at Lightfair 2015 to find out how.


Session Description:

LEED Version 4 is here, and the changes to lighting and daylighting are significant, which means that capturing lighting energy savings in the biggest point category, EAc1, is more critical (and unfortunately more complex) than ever before.  How can you be sure that your energy modeler “gets” the efficiencies of your lighting and daylighting design?  This seminar led by an energy modeler will give you the insider’s view of what new rules the modeler must follow in LEED v4, how the lighting information you provide goes into an energy model, and how you can make the most out of it to best reward your project.


Click here for more information on this session, or visit Lightfair International’s website to register for the conference.